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Virtual I/O Server migration with NIM

Download VIOS DVD migration via IBM FIX CENTRAL
or download ISO image

SERVEUR NIM : AIX 7100-01-04-1216

monter l'image ISO du DVD de migration VIOS

# loopmount -i /export/images/VIOS_2.1.3.10.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt

Copier le contenu du répertoire installp du DVD de migration dans le filesystem lpp_source

# cp -pr /mnt/installp /export/lpp_source/lppsrc_vios_21310

Définition du lpp_source lpp_src_vios_21310

nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a location=/export/lpp_source/lpp_src_vios_21310 lpp_src_vios_21310

Définition du spot spot_vios_21310 à partir du lpp_source lpp_src_vios_21310

nim -o define -t spot -a server=master -a location=/export/spot -a source=lpp_src_vios_21310 -a installp_flags=-aQg spot_vios_21310


1. Paramétrer l'interface Ethernet pour l'installation NIM via le menu SMS.


          Welcome to Base Operating System
                      Installation and Maintenance

Type the number of your choice and press Enter. Choice is indicated by >>>.

>>> 1 Start Install Now with Default Settings

    2 Change/Show Installation Settings and Install

    3 Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery

    4 Configure Network Disks (iSCSI)

    5 Select Storage Adapters

    88  Help ?
    99  Previous Menu

>>> Choice [1]:1
                          VIOS Migration Installation Summary

Disks:  hdisk1...

>>> 1   Continue with Install
    88  Help ?         |  WARNING: Base Operating System Installation will
    99  Previous Menu  |destroy or impair recovery of SOME data on the
                       |destination disk hdisk1.
>>> Choice [1]:1
Migration menu preparation in progress.

        Please wait...

        Approximate     Elapsed time
     % tasks complete   (in minutes)

          0               0
       Migration Confirmation

  Either type 0 and press Enter to continue the installation, or type the
  number of your choice and press Enter.

    1  List the saved Base System configuration files which will not be
       merged into the system.  These files are saved in /tmp/bos.
    2  List the filesets which will be removed and not replaced.
    3  List directories which will have all current contents removed.
    4  Reboot without migrating.

    Acceptance of license agreements is required before using system.
    You will be prompted to accept after the system reboots.

>>> 0  Continue with the migration.
   88  Help ?

  WARNING: Selected files, directories, and filesets (installable options)
    from the Base System will be removed.  Choose 2 or 3 for more information.

>>> Choice[0]:0

MIGRATION en cours .......

$ ioslevel
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