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How to debug environnement problem with padmin user on Virtual I/O Server

What is interesting is the HMC command syntax with viosvrcmd and oem_setup_env, example:

unable run oem_setup_env

$ oem_setup_env
rksh: oem_setup_env:  not found

debug via HMC

hscroot@hmcV7:~ > viosvrcmd -m 9119-FHB -p VIOS1 -c "oem_setup_env
> ls -ld /home/padmin"
drwxr-x---    9 root     system         4096 Jan 24 11:13 /home/padmin

hscroot@hmcV7:~ > viosvrcmd -m 9119-FHB -p VIOS1 -c "oem_setup_env
> chown padmin:staff /home/padmin"

login again with padmin

$ oem_setup_env

NOTE: hit return after the "oem_setup_env without ending the quotes. That will put you to the next line to run your command as root on the vios then end your quote.

Else you can also define a variable CMD like this :

hscroot@hmcV7:~ > CMD=`printf "oem_setup_env\nchown padmin:staff /home/padmin"`
hscroot@hmcV7:~ > viosvrcmd -m 9119-FHB -p VIOS1 -c "$CMD"

Thank's Jonathan and Brian :)

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