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NAS backup fails with ANR8758W on EMC DATADOMAIN

ANR1069E ANR8758W failure for NAS (NDMP) backup indicating there are insufficient mount points and the drives to not match the number of paths for the source node.

NAS (NDMP) backup fails with:

ANR8758W The number of online drives in the VTL library NASLIB does not match the number of online drive paths for source NASNODE.
ANR1069E NAS Backup process 33 terminated - insufficient number of mount points available for removable media.

The problem was seen in an environment with a Unix server, Protectier VTL and Network Appliance (NetApp) NAS, but may also occur in other environments.
Resolving the problem

In this case, the error was resolved by changing the Library Type from VTL to SCSI.

Use the Tivoli Storage Manager command: UPDATE LIBR LIBTYPE=SCSI

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