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EMC VNX Snapview not supported with AIX MPIO

I found that some customers uses SnapView on CX or VNX Flare with AIX native MPIO driver on VIOS or AIX.

Already in 2008, EMC wrote a technical note specifying that software layered like Snapview was not supported with AIX MPIO.

Technote: 300-008-486_aix_native_mpio_clariion_1108

Today, this technote has disappeared but EMC support write a EMC primus "emc75601" specify that it is still not supported with VNX software layered.

Driver Example :

EMC.CLARiiON.aix.rte    C     F    EMC CLARiiON AIX Support
EMC.CLARiiON.fcp.MPIO.rte    C     F    EMC CLARiiON FCP MPIO Support
devices.common.IBM.mpio.rte    C     F    MPIO Disk Path Control Module

EMC primus case "emc75601"

VNX storage-system layered applications
EMC Layered software such as SnapView, MirrorView/Asynchronous, MirrorView/Synchronous,
EMC SAN Copy, etc., are not supported with hosts running AIX Native MPIO

So if it is imperative to use Snapview, then install EMC PowerPath.

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