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Fix for vulnerabilities in Bash “Shellshock” for HMC


The Following fixes are available on IBM Fix Central at http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/

Product VRMF APAR Remediation/First Fix (PTF)
Power HMC Version 7 R7.3.0 SP6 MB03857 MH01475
Power HMC Version 7 R7.6.0 SP3 MB03852 MH01470
Power HMC Version 7 R7.7.0 SP1 MB03861 MH01479
Power HMC Version 7 R7.7.0 SP2 MB03862 MH01480
Power HMC Version 7 R7.7.0 SP4 MB03853 MH01471
Power HMC Version 7 R7.8.0 SP1 MB03854 MH01472
Power HMC Version 7 R7.9.0 SP1 MB03855 MH01473
Power HMC Version 8 R8.1.0 SP1 MB03856 MH01474
Power HMC Older V7 releases not listed above N/A Please update to supported releases listed above.

Source: Security Bulletin

No fix available now for HMC Power4 like V3.3.7

hscroot@HMCP670:~> export x='() { :;}; /bin/bash'; man
bash: dircolors: command not found
bash: which: command not found
bash: ps: command not found
hscroot@HMCP670:~> /bin/su -
HMCP670:~ #
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