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Scheduled « Backup VM » processes more virtual machines than expected.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Using an asterisk in the "objects" field of a schedule definition will override any domain.vmfull specifications in the dsm.opt file.


Backup VM processes more virtual machines than expected.


Using an asterisk in the "Objects" line of a schedule definition tells the Tivoli Storage Manager client to backup all virtual machines thus overriding the domain.vmfull options.


Action: Backup VM
Objects: *
Options: -mode=IFINCR


Windows or Linux proxy

Any 6.1.x or newer Tivoli Storage Manager server.

Resolving the problem

Remove the asterisk from the schedule definition on the Tivoli Storage Manager server. To do so, update the schedule. For Example:

     update schedule standard vm_backups objects=""

After this change is saved, then restart the client scheduler service or CAD to ensure the update is in place for the next scheduled backup.

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