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VIOS Adapter_reset on SEA LOAD SHARING

Technote (FAQ)

How can I prevent network outage on SEA in loadsharing mode over physical adapter/LACP(8023ad link aggregation).

SEA load sharing is initiated by Backup SEA. In the VIOS levels (older than, SEA going to Backup state calls for adapter reset by default.
Some physical adapters may takes 30 sec or longer to complete adapter reset and LACP negotiation may take 30 sec for LACP negotiation. If SEA is configured with those physical adapters or LACP, network communication for the SEA in backup_sh state may be affected temporarily during a system reboot or cable pull/plug back in.

Changing value of "adapter_reset" attribute to "no" on a pair of SEA in loadsharing mode.

1. Login to padmin

2. Change to root prompt:
$ oem_setup_env

3. List the adapters:
# lsdev -Cc adapter

4. Find the Shared Ethernet Adapters
ent7 Available Shared Ethernet Adapter

5. Use the entstat command to list the components of the SEA:
# entstat -d ent7 | grep State
On SEA in primary loadsharing mode
On SEA in backup loadsharing mode

6. Use the lsattr command to list attributes of the SEA
# lsattr -El ent7
adapter_reset yes

7. Change adapter_reset to "no". This change is dynamic and doesn't require reboot.
chdev -dev ent7 -attr adapter_reset=no

8. Use the lsattr command to confirm the change
# lsattr -El ent7
adapter_reset no

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