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TSM – Installation Manager fails to complete prereq check


The on screen message reports:
Exception caught while evaluating expression in bundle "com.tivoli.dsm.prereq.oscheck".


Within the Installation Manager logs, the following messages are logged in the .xml log:

00:20.04 INFO: com.tivoli.dsm.prereq.utils.OSUtils.<init>(64) : Starting RXA session
00:20.22 ERROR: com.tivoli.dsm.prereq.utils.OSUtils.<init>(82) : An Exception was thrown while trying to get operating system information
00:20.22 ERROR: com.tivoli.dsm.prereq.utils.OSUtils.<init>(83) : CTGRI0039E An error occurred while attempting to execute a Visual Basic script. The following error information was returned:  | CScript Error: Failed to load the configuration. (Access denied. )


Incorrect user being used during installation/upgrade.

Resolving the problem

Review the following requirements for the user ID performing the installation/upgrade here:

Windows: Installing Tivoli Storage Manager by using the installation wizard

Ensure that the user ID that you plan to use during the installation is a user with local Administrator authority.

Installing the V7.1.1 server and verifying the upgrade

You must be logged on to the system with the administrative user ID that was used to install the V6.2 or V6.3 server.

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