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Drive paths to library client taken offline when server option SANDISCOVERY set to ‘YES’

Technote (troubleshooting)


This message in the activity log of the library manager appears: ANR1772E The path from source to destination is taken offline.


On the library client, these messages are observed in the activity log when a library sharing session is opened to the library manager:

ANR1926W A SCSI inquiry has timed out after 15 seconds.
ANR3626W A check condition occurred during a small computer system interface (SCSI) inquiry at Fibre Channel port WWN=<wwn_number> , KEY=00, ASC=00, ASCQ=00.
ANR1786W HBAAPI not able to get adapter name.
ANR8963E Unable to find path to match the serial number defined for drive <DRIVE_NAME> in library <LIBRARY_NAME>.
ANR8873E The path from source <library_client> to destination <drive> (/dev/rmtXYZ) is taken offline.

On the library manager, you can see this corresponding message showing the path to the drive being taken offline:

ANR1772E The path from source to destination <drive> is taken offline.


The SAN discovery's query of the HBA has timed out, and the path is taken offline. This can occur in SAN environments with a large number of devices.
Diagnosing the problem

Verify that there is not an underlying hardware problem causing the drives paths to go offline.

Check the value of the SANDISCOVERYTIMEOUT option on the library clients and the library manager. The default value is 15 seconds:


Resolving the problem

If the value of the option is at or near the default value of 15 seconds, increase to a greater number. For example:

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