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Why Are Tapes with PRIVATE Status Not Found in QUERY VOLUME Output?

Technote (FAQ)


QUERY LIBVOLUME shows tape volumes with status of PRIVATE, but the same volumes do not show up with the command: Q VOL

Why are these tapes PRIVATE?


QUERY VOLUME will only return information about volumes that belong to stgpools, but there are other types of volumes that can have valid data on them: DB backups, exports, backupsets and remote volumes that belong to a Library Client server.

The volume history will keep a record of all volumes and you can display these other types of non-stgpool volumes with the following commands:

q volh type=dbb
q volh type=dbs
q volh type=export
q volh type=backupset
q volh type=remote

If a PRIVATE volume is not part of a stgpool and does not display in any of the above Q VOLH commands then you can set it to scratch using the command:

UPDATE LIBVOL <library_name> <vol_name> STATUS=SCRATCH

If you do have a library sharing environment it is recommended to run an AUDIT LIBRARY on the Library Client servers prior to changing the status of a volume to scratch on the Library Manager server.

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