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Matching WWN number to device name for Tivoli Storage Manager on Linux

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It may be desired to obtain the WWN number of a tape drive when configuring fiber attached tape drives to a Tivoli Storage Manager server.

The Tivoli Storage Manager server keeps track of the tape drives WWN port numbers when defined to the server. The WWN numbers may obtained via the QUERY DRIVE F=D command. For example :

tsm: server1>q drive f=d

Library Name: 3584LIB
Drive Name: 3584DRIVE1
WWN: 5005076300026C02

Library Name: 3584LIB
Drive Name: 3584DRIVE2
WWN: 5005076300026C01

On a Linux system, those WWN port numbers are stored under /proc/scsi. Under /proc/scsi, there is a directory with the corresponding fiber attached card. For example, this could be "qla2300". Under that directory, there will be a file (1, 2, ...etc) for each adapter instance.
For example, in the case where only 1 adapter is used, the "/proc/scsi/qla2300/1" file would exist. This file will have a "SCSI Device Information" section. In that section, information on attached target devices will be found. For example :

# cat /proc/scsi/qla2300/1
SCSI Device Information:

In above example, the target-0 and target-1 correspond to /dev/IBMtape0 and /dev/IBMtape1 and the numbers listed are their WWN values, i.e,

device = /dev/IBMtape0, wwn = 5005076300426c01
device = /dev/IBMtape1, wwn = 5005076300426c02

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