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HMC V7R7.9.0 SP3 MH01659 « ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap »

On HMC V7R7.9.0 SP3, don't apply e-fix MH01659, it contains a lot of bugs.

If you really need MH01659, then apply e-fix MH01635 before. ( otherwise a ASM connetion timeout and blank page occur with IBM Power5).
=> MH01659.readme.html

Note: This package includes fixes for HMC Version 7 Release 7.9.0 Service Pack 3. You can reference this package by APAR MB04044 and PTF MH01659. This image must be installed on top of HMC Version 7 Release 7.9.0 Service Pack 3 (MH01546) with MH01635 installed.

MH01659 Impact - Known Issues :

After installing PTF MH01659 and the Welcome page loads on the local console, clicking "Log on and Launch" results in the following error:

Problem loading page
An error occurred during a connection to

Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).
(Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)

This defect also impacts the Power Enterprise Pool GUI when launched remotely. Ensure remote access is enabled and the HMC is accessible remotely for management prior to installing this PTF. A fix is planned for a future PTF.

Circumvention: From the HMC home page, Log on by clicking on the "Serviceable Events" link rather than the "Log on and launch the Hardware Management Console web application" link. The "System Status" and "Attention LEDs" links can also be used. Note that the Power Enterprise Pools (PEP) task will not be available from the local console. CLI or remote GUI can be used to perform PEP tasks.

A vterm console window cannot be opened by the GUI on the local HMC console. You can use the mkvterm or vtmenu command on the local HMC console or use the GUI remotely to open a vterm. A fix is planned for a future PTF.

ASM for POWER5 servers will launch a blank white screen and eventually a "Connection timed out" error if PTF MH01635 is not installed prior to MH01644 or MH01659. The install order and supersedes lists have been updated to include PTF MH01635 prior to installing either MH01644 or MH01659.

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